Monday, August 25, 2008


By requesting to be on the distribution list and/or purchasing goods through the co-op, you agree to the following:
1. These are unregistered and voluntary Co-ops and you are not to sell on any of the goods purchased/attained through us.
2. Be prompt with payment. Orders are secured by payment. Be aware that each branch of the Co-op will charge delivery/pick up/bank fees etc which will be added to your order. Costs will vary between branches.
3. Trading is encouraged. Some Co-op members have initiated a "Trade for Service" scheme. This is not a trade for goods, but a token of thanks for the workload of which they receive no remuneration. This is left to your discretion.
4. Be polite and be ready to assist when necessary. This is not a church calling, assignment or a church endorsed initiative.
5. Reps are not to lift, deliver or store your items for you. Please ensure you bring the necessary muscle with you on your prompt pick up.
6. We are not responsible for any loss or damaged goods, nor are we able to reimburse/credit you for this.
7. *Privacy rules apply. If, in the event that you receive an email which discloses addresses and details of other co-op members, you are NOT to use this for your own private or business purposes. Do not "reply all", do not send "Fwd" emails and do not under any circumstances sell or give the distribution list to a third party.*Breaching of these conditions will cancel your me

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